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Post 117

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1LT Blankenship

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The Post was named for Frederick O. Blankenship, but who was he?

He wasn't a native Butler County Resident but he was so well liked and respected that American Legion Post 117 was named in his memory not long after he was killed in action in WW1.
He grew up in rural southern Illinois and went to work for a RR car manufacturer near his hometown. He later moved to Butler for employment as a draftsman in the engineering department of Standard Steel Car Company.

He also joined the PA National Guard, Company L of the 112th Infantry, 28th Division and achieved the rank of First Lieutenant.

Company L's Butler soldiers saw action on the front lines. Blankenship was known for outstanding leadership. He was shot and killed by a sniper while conducting reconnaissance of enemy positions on September 28, 1918. In 1922 his remains were returned to the U.S. and buried in Illinois.

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